Location: 1349 North Hill Ave. and 1400 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA. 91104.
Two properties located on the North-West and South-West corners of East Washington Boulevard and North Hill Avenue

Building Type: Retail/Apartments

Stories: 2

RBA: North Building: 24,691 sq/ft South Building: 9,511 sq/ft

The North building of a two-building location was transformed to a community and lifestyle building; the apartments on the second floor were fully remodeled and leased out. Greenbridge leased spaces to local cafés, health, and family-oriented businesses. The South building of the two building locations is leased to local restaurants. The properties boast 16-20 ft ceilings and are located in Bungalow Heaven in an arterial part of North Pasadena, servicing a population of 169,082 in a 3 mile radius between downtown Pasadena, the highway and the mountains.