Greenbridge is a fully integrated commercial real estate platform


In 2009, during one of the greatest financial market collapses in history; Greenbridge began its emergence through distressed asset purchases.  Having witnessed numerous distressed opportunities and watching as the common investor was left behind on countless discounted institutional purchases inspired the Principals at Greenbridge to launch a platform that would champion the cause of the common investor. In 2011, Greenbridge Investment Partners began providing the means for shared ownership of larger institutional real estate that would otherwise not have been attainable for individual investors and applied Greenbridge’s full management platform to support these assets for substantial returns.  Greenbridge’s equity partners have continued to grow and benefit from the unique ownership structure, creating significant wealth. Over time, Greenbridge has expanded its presence across the Western United States and has purchased and repositioned assets that are largely still held in the portfolio.  Since its inception Greenbridge has purchased over 1.1 million square feet of real estate, and the portfolio has grown to over $550 million in market value.

Our Philosophy

Forging trust that allows us to perform quickly and consistently

Our partnerships are built on individual opportunities that are seized through a collective vision.  Our partners are with us each step of the way, from underwriting the right asset, to developing the renovation, leasing and refinance strategies.  This strong partnership is a product of longstanding networks between select partners, brokers, lenders, and the investment community; forging a trust that allows us to perform quickly and consistently.  We also bring our own funds to most of our real estate investments, such that our capital is building up alongside our partners. Once our partners’ success is achieved, then Greenbridge’s success follows and becomes realized.

Conservative Purchasing Methodologies

We do not spare any time or money to ascertain the benefits and risks of a potential purchase. We believe that buying right, clearly understanding the tenants and in place leases, determining long term market trends, and getting to know the city and neighborhood are virtues that lead to ultimate success for each asset bought. It is always our intent to own the properties we buy for a long period of time, so buying below replacement cost in and the path of growth or an already strong neighborhood with good job growth are macro trends that are primary requirements to a purchase.

Benefits of Investing the Greenbridge way

We believe that all stakeholders should have a direct ownership interest in each asset purchased. This enables our partners to reap benefits from cost segregation, regular distributions, and to limit losses to the extent there is one. The General Partners typically sign on the recourse covenants for the partnerships, limiting our capital partners personal liability.

Trust and open lines of communication

As the Greenbridge portfolio continues to grow, no issue is too small for us to address, and we are always a phone call away. The Principals, Asset Managers and staff are all here to answer questions daily.
Our project summary reports are prepared quarterly for each asset and sent with progress reports on leasing, construction, and financing activities (if any) so that our partners are well informed of any and all asset level activities.