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Greenbridge’s asset management team uses a hands-on approach with a top-down perspective to maximize the values in the assets we control. Our focus is on effectively implementing the quantifiable improvement opportunities identified by our acquisitions team, that will lead to maximizing cash flow and increased capital returns. Greenbridge achieves cost-saving solutions through the utmost fiduciary care and experience and applies capital to areas of growth. We are always aware of tenant rollover risks, negotiating early extensions, lining new tenancies (in-advance) and creatively dealing with existing vacancies. The team reserves for capital costs rather than risking capital calls and continually assesses the asset’s position in the local and global economic markets by determining whether macro and micro forces are influencing the asset’s position.

In addition, our Asset Managers have extensive experience handling distressed loans and troubled real estate assets. Our previous experience as bankruptcy receivers enables Greenbridge to effectively manage projects that have distressed characteristics. Our team will consider the best recovery strategies for each asset by utilizing note restructures, borrower negotiations, foreclosures, and note sales to maximize yield and net recoveries on all our investments.